At the end of last July, Facebook announced that it had formed a team that is working on creating the so-called “metaverse” or “transverse universe”, where the real and virtual worlds blend, a vision stemming from science fiction based in the field of video games.

And here it is, announcing, Thursday, August 19 (August 19), the launch of a new service dedicated to the purposes of professional collaboration, allowing users to hold meetings using virtual reality helmets "Oculus", an additional step towards building "Metaverse".

In workrooms, participants appear around a round table in the form of avatars of people resembling cartoon characters.

Communities can interact with a microphone, or by drawing on a virtual whiteboard using remote controls that transmit their gestures, or they can even broadcast what appears on the screen in front of them where they are physically located.

Facebook said in a statement posted on the Oculus blog that “workrooms” allow people to “work in the same room despite physical distancing,” and aim to “improve teamwork’s ability to collaborate.”

The new technology will be available to users of Quest 2 helmets, and their colleagues who do not have this type of equipment can participate in meetings via video calling technology.